My “Dark Matter” Revelation

My “Dark Matter” Revelation

I recently read the novel “Dark Matter” by Blake Couch. It’s Science Fiction and a good read. This book hit me at a perfect time. I’d been driving myself nuts about a big decision and couldn’t commit in any one direction. In my eyes, every option seemed to have its own threat and I didn’t know which would be the least harmful. I realize this is a really bad way to make a decision (when in a state of fear) but I couldn’t shake it.

Road To Nowhere but Its Pretty

Road To Nowhere but Its Pretty”

To my surprise, this sci fi book woke me up. I don’t want to ruin the book for you; if you plan to read it, skip to the next paragraph. The main character essentially loses his life – he doesn’t die, he just gets taken from his life and put in a new paradigm. It’s similar to his old life but with changes based on different choices he might have made in the past. So he struggles to get back to his old life, his real life. He finds himself in a corridor with tons of doors. Each time he goes through a door, he’s in a different paradigm of his life: successful, unsuccessful, dying, single, married, happy, miserable, etc. He eventually realizes that his expectations (before opening a door) creates the type of life he’ll find on the other side. After many tries, he begins to remember fully his old life, the good and the bad. By staying in that moment mentally, he successfully gets to the door that leads to his real life.

Road to Nowhere Pen & Ink

“Road to Nowhere”, Pen and Ink

Whammo, there was my revelation! No wonder I couldn’t make a decision, no wonder I was having trouble seeing the best route to go. I was expecting bad stuff and truth be told, I was getting it. So I decided to try out this theory. What would happen if I expected good things with my decision? And I picked the choice that I really wanted while expecting it to be great – realistic, but great.

Infinite Love Pen & Ink Art

“Infinite Love”, Pen and Ink

That was about three weeks ago. And it’s the longest I’ve gone without continuously weighing options in my head. I’ve settled in my decision. When things aren’t perfect, instead of freaking out, I just try to roll with it – accept it. I’m beginning to relax and just enjoy this time – this phase of my life. I’m noticing my habit of expecting the worst and trying to choose a different, more relaxed perspective. I’m so grateful for this book, this author. I think we all know this stuff -to be realistically optimistic, but it’s nice when we get reminded in a deeper way. Makes life a little better and lots more fun.

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