Would I Be In the Art Business If John Travolta Never Danced?

What If John Travolta Never Danced?

When first starting my art business, Kind Design Fine Art, I would ask myself this question when doubting my decision to leave my previous career as a therapist. When I couldn’t see my next step, I would sound like this in my head: “You could be making steady money right now, you could retire in so many years if you go back to work, you used to get paid vacation time, being an artist isn’t a real thing, it’s not something people really do successfully.” And on and on.


Crevice” Pendant Light, Ceramic Sculpture, by Julia Vanover

Since I am no longer treating clients that makes me my own private therapist (sort of). So I know it takes a jolt and something fun to get my mind to chill out. To redirect my thoughts during those anxious times, I would focus my attention on John Travolta and ask “What if he never danced?” I would imagine that instead he chose to only show family and close friends his talent. And that at age 95 (work with me here a little please), he danced his heart out at a wedding and people were like, “Whoa, why have you never shown us this before? You are amazing!”

Connection - Tree Series View 2

“Connection” Sculpted Pendant Light by Julia Vanover

Okay, back to reality. I love his dancing; I would stand in the rain for hours to see him dance. Because it makes me ridiculously happy. Here are some snips of my faves: Michael and Saturday Night Fever. It’s obvious he enjoys dancing and sharing it. When someone like me throws our talent out in public for all to see, we do it for ourselves and we do it for everyone else. I think John Travolta’s dancing reminds us to be brave and to have fun. As I’ve said in a previous blog, I’m so grateful when artists reveal and give of themselves. It inspires us when we are taking risks; making ourselves vulnerable.

Little Snowball Tree Pen & Ink Art

Little Snowball Tree, Pen and Ink by Julia Vanover

And so John Travolta, unwittingly helped me through the early months of my business. It’s been a little over a year since beginning this venture, and it’s been confirming in many ways that it’s worth the risk of starting over. Getting up daily to do something I love and making other people happy – is beyond fun. It’s a quality of life I never knew could exist for me. I kinda used to think I didn’t deserve it. Crazy? Yes. Good thing I have my own private therapist.


Tree Tangle Pendant Light, Ceramic Sculpture by Julia Vanover

Thank you John Travolta for dancing. Hope you (the reader – and John too), do something today that you love to do just because you love to do it – and then share it.

Sincerely yours with loads of love,


Infinite Love Pen & Ink Art

Infinite Love, Pen and Ink by Julia Vanover