Sky Horses, Utilizing Creative Art

Sky Horses

Just finished a pen and ink, “Sky Horses”, while visiting my mom who lives in Naples, Florida. This view is near her home and it’s pretty amazing…a lone palm tree overlooking the Marco Pass and the Gulf of Mexico, with a little island in between. I was happy to have time to begin this piece finally. Once I got this far (see image below); however, I felt bored. It just looked so, I don’t know…typical. I began to lose interest.


Later I watched a documentary online about artists on the PBS, series, “Art 21” and realized why this piece was boring the bejeebers out of me. I was afraid to take chances with it. To combat this, I began to purposely draw in a way that would risk the whole piece. First, I created two itty-bitty squares right in the center of the sky. Then drew circles around it. I wanted the squares in the center simply because of the art rule by the experts “never put anything smack dab in the middle of your art”, and gained insight that rules running around in my head were limiting me…no wonder I was bored, unmotivated.


All these feelings (mainly fear and worry) surfaced for me while drawing connecting, flowing lines and tiny circles.  I purposely drew whatever I felt like, just creating whimsically. I have to say, this was not fun, it was intimidating and I worried I was just wasting time, ruining my piece. But I kept at it. I drew a house in the sky and liked it. And just like that, all the fear was gone.


Suddenly, I felt that zing again; that urgent uncontrollable need to draw, draw, draw. I wanted trees in the sky and added them. Then horses and more horses. Tiny hearts and stars, just because. And loads of lines, everywhere, every direction. This is what people refer to when they say the piece takes on a life of it’s own.


I had my common crazy urge to have vertical lines and they worked great on the foreground, against the soft, tender flowers. After darkening up some areas to give a little punch, the eye moves all over this piece. This wild thing works and I’m grateful I snapped out of the fear and boredom.


“Sky Horses”

Looking back, I think part of me has been enjoying how people respond positively to my work and I want to keep that going. But seriously, I have so little control over that. Pleasing people is going to happen sometimes and not other times. What I do have control over is choosing to trust myself and my artistic instincts.

Hope this new year brings buckets of courage to you and me both. Hope you risk creating your own type of sky horses. I love your emails responding to my blogs, please keep them coming.

Amazing love and kindness to you,