Best Grand Opening Ever

My Grand Opening was this Friday for my gallery, Kind Design Fine Art. We had a blast. Over 100 people packed into my little gallery and studio. My good friends met lots of other good friends with art lovers from all over.

The chocolate martinis were a definite hit. We even got a little dancing in while making them because that’s the only proper way to make a decent martini.

The give-aways were a lot of fun. Jeannine, Ethan, Dana, Rachel, Mary and Daiquiri were our big winners.

Everyone wrote their talent on their name-tags and we had some pretty entertaining talents in the building.

The whole evening was wonderful and I am grateful for all of you for making this big step more fun than I could imagine.

Gina (on the far left) was the most delightful co-hostess; she ran circles around me all night and kept everyone happy. I couldn’t have a better friend. Debbie and Daiquiri (looking at art), were also the best co-hostesses anyone could ask for; they made everyone feel so welcome. I’m so lucky to know and have these sweet ladies as friends.

June Garvin’s (in the middle of the pic below) flowers (Creative Designs Floral and Interiors) were gorgeous. She also did an amazing job on the flowers outside, in the front of the gallery. And she helped me with setting up for the party; June is one of the kindest people I’ve ever met.

Julie Howell’s (of Cadycakes) macaroons were so good we fought over the last few. Her food is the greatest and she also made beautiful wine glasses with my logo. So nice!

Marcia Sanders was unbelievably helpful with all the many PR tasks. I was clueless until Marcia began to help me. Can’t recommend her enough if you need anything PR related. She also took all these photos of all of us just because she is brilliant.

Devon helped with the drinks, his favorite job. He’s the best boyfriend.

Thank you all!

Love you intensely,


PS: Here are more pics of this fun night.