Meet The Artist, Julia Vanover

My work reveals my ongoing desire to be close and connected to those I love. I think this connection is what makes life wonderful. Many times, I’ve been distracted with ambition or wanting my own way. I was unable to see what I really needed, which was, almost always what I already had. I’ve had times when I lost the ease of comfort with my closest friends and children and have had to try once again to rebuild. It seems like some people glide along with ease with their loved ones. For me, it’s always been a series of experiments, gradually learning to relax and trust. Always relying on kindness to get me there.

I grew up in a big family with close friends all around. There was a strong sense of belonging that I took for granted. I miss it and my art expresses this longing: in my sculpture, paintings, line drawings, lighting and jewelry.

Curving and swaying lines dominate my style. Fascinated with all aspects of connection, I quietly perceive and create each art piece. My intention is for my art to be meaningful and significant to those that relate to it. To create an atmosphere of kindness and love that will last for generations.

I’ve been creating my pieces for over 30 years, graduating from art school in 1990. All my pieces are made with the highest of museum quality materials. I’m only able to make so much artwork in my lifetime, so each piece you see is a limited edition of it’s own. I sincerely hope you enjoy and are inspired to use kindness to find your way to be closely connected to your loved ones.

I have two grown children, Hannah, an amazing farmer and Nathan, a professional keeper of the peace. I live with my wonderful boyfriend, Devon and his artistic son, Ethan. I continue to work as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, helping others with their connections at the Vet Center, part of the VA.

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Meet the Artist

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