Crevice Pendant Light Sculpted Pendant Light by Artist, Julia Vanover


This light has been inspired partially by my Alluring Vine Lights. I love how vines create a lattice that are structurally strong but also open, letting light shine through. This is the theme I'm always striving for: wanting to connect with others while being open and honest. For this particular design, I'm exploring this theme with more depth. I thought if I sculpted the clay to create the crevices, the viewer would want to peak into the crevices, and there would be more of a contrast with the shadows and illumination. I'm trying to suggest that if we seek more intently to get to know one another, we will be both disappointed and delighted – resulting in a much closer and interesting connection. Just like close relationships, this light took quite a bit of time to design, but once it was completed, I was struck with how elegant it is. This design always gets a dramatic response from viewers, which has been fun to witness.

Description: 12 x 10 (h x w) inches, clay with white glaze, hanging pendant light for a standard size bulb, with four foot modern clear cable to hang from the ceiling. Weighs four pounds (well under the twenty pound standard limit). Includes ceiling canopy, bracket and ground. All lights come with a satisfaction guarantee. Multiples may be ordered. Each one is sculpted individually so there will be slight differences.

Color: white

Copyright: This light was designed by me and it has a registered copyright. It has been uniquely made for you by only me.

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