Fish Pendant Light School of Fish Pendant Light


Description: Hand sculpted, fish pendant light. The fish have a jeweled appearance. The light disperses through every part of this light, creating a dimension of light-play on the surrounding walls and ceiling. Design creates lovely, organic shadows on your walls.  14 x 6 (h x w) inches, clay with white glaze, hanging pendant light for a standard size bulb, with three foot chain. Plug in ready but can be changed for ceiling installation.

Inspiration: I wanted to capture the movement of schools of fish; how they move in a fast, wild circle. I decided to use Yellow Tail Snappers for this design because of the strong curve in their tails. I love to snorkel and scuba, it’s wonderful to watch the millions of fish around coral.

Color: white

This light can be seen in person on 30A Florida at A.Wickey Gallery

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Ceramic Color

Dark Brown, Light Brown, White