Hong Kong Orchid Tree Wreath Tree Series Custom Sculpture Hanging Light Fixture Accessory


Hand Sculpted Wreath of Hong Kong Orchid Flowers. This tree endures in warmer climates in the US and beyond. The blooms are breathtaking and the leaves are adorably shaped with two soft circles joined in the middle. I love the flow of the veins in the leaves, a swaying arc. Each little flower has five or so anthers stretching from the center, giving this small sculpture it’s sweet, humble drama.

Description: 8 to 9 inches in diameter and 2 to 3 inches in height, rests on top of the large or small pendant vine light. Hong Kong Orchid Tree flowers and leaves lean on one another to form an elegant wreath. Pictured are both white and brown clay sculptures. The white clay gives a more porcelain look. The brown (shown in the original photo) gives a more ceramic appearance through the white glaze as the edges are more enhanced – i.e., you can see the brown clay through the white glaze a bit at the edges. Both clays are beautiful, just a matter of preference.

The first wreath I made was for my mother. She once lived on Marco Island, Florida and had the most beautiful mature Hong Kong Orchid Tree. The flowers and leaves are breathtaking. She adored this tree, many family photos were taken in front of it. She still talks fondly about the tree even though it’s been a decade since she’s moved. When I told her I was creating a light inspired by this tree her eyes glistened with happy tears. This is what I love about trees, we connect and bond with them. Our memories of our favorite trees reach us deeply.

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