Meditation Trees Tree Series Original Acrylic Painting

Archival Print $65.00
Original Artwork $800.00

Completed: January, 2015

Description: 8 x 10 inch Acrylic on canvas board

Inspiration for work: This year I wanted to focus on bringing a relaxing quality to my work so meditating for a few minutes daily has been more of a priority. This painting was begun with no expectations, just a desire to be present and grateful. It started out completely abstract when the trees began to form, then the sky. The development of the shapes of the trees and the movement of the sky came as delightful surprises. It was a good life lesson for me. Sometimes I get too goal oriented. Is it possibly that if we were to let go of our goals and allow things to unfold that we would be even more productive? Creative? Happy? Something to experiment with.


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8 x 10 Archival Print, Original Artwork