Linear Curls Hand Sculpted Pendant Light


My pen and inks are created through lines and shapes that flow and blend with one another. I am always seeking connection in my art; exploring how we connect with each other and stay honest with ourselves. This particular light sculpture is a 3-D version of how I create my pen and inks. Through lines, dots and curves, a texture is developed. I love how the a sculptural “line” of clay can be bent to create a dramatic loop, and then how that gets repeated  – but each loop is a little different than those around it. When illuminated, the light accentuates the negative spaces carved from the structure, resulting in some interesting shadows.

Description: Hand sculpted, original ceramic pendant light, 8″ wide, 12″tall, weighs 3 pounds (well below the 20 pound limit of standard lighting). Takes any standard size bulb or LED, comes with four foot hanging cable, canapy and ground. Two available.

Color: White

1 in stock (can be backordered)

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Ceramic Color

Dark Brown, Light Brown, White