Alluring Vine Pendant Light – Long Sculpted Pendant Light by Artist, Julia Vanover


I wanted to capture the quality of vines growing together to form an organic lattice. This creates a strong bond for the structure of the light – which reflects my ongoing theme of seeking connection that's symbolized throughout all of my work. I love how this theme gets reinforced by the vines creating an open, strong structure while at the same time allowing the light to come through and illuminate the surroundings. What I'm trying to say with this sculpture, is that if we connect together, even loosely, we create a strength that  can illuminate well beyond our own space. I also think it's great that this light just happens to be beautiful.

Description: Hand sculpted, beautiful light. Design creates lovely, organic shadows on your walls. This light can be ordered in multiples. There will be variations in the details of the pieces but they will be the same size and with the same appearance. They look beautiful in pairs above a counter or as matching pendants on either side of your bed or couch. 14 x 6 (h x w) inches, clay with white glaze, hanging pendant light for a standard size bulb, with three foot chain optional. Plug in ready but can be changed for ceiling installation that includes canopy.

Color: white

Copyright: I have created these lights uniquely and registered the copyright with the Library of Congress, so this design will remain uniquely for you by only me.

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Ceramic Color

Dark Brown, Light Brown, White