Snowball Tree Embossed Pendant Light Hand Sculpted Pendant Light


Description: 13 x 6 (h x w) inches, clay with ivory and white glaze, hanging light for a standard size bulb, with silver chromed three foot chain with on/off switch. Plug in ready but can be changed for ceiling installation that includes canopy. Chain color can be changed.

Inspiration: I love snowball trees and wanted to incorporate it into a larger hanging light. I carved a mold of the snowball tree. Then created four tiles from the mold and attached them to the bottom of a beautiful bowl I’d thrown on the wheel earlier. It came together so well, but my favorite part is the glaze. I love the ivory glaze with the white accents on the snowballs. I’m also delighted how the interior white glaze shines so pretty when the light is on. I accidentally broke the mold shortly after making this piece. So this piece is a true original.

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