Tree Tangle Hand Sculpted Pendant Light


Inspiration: Like a lot of us, I love how the trees all group and connect together in our vision when we are driving past wooded land. I wanted to create this sense of connection and movement but in a circular, continuous manner – with it being difficult to separate which branches belong to which trees. This piece took a particularly long time to create as I began with a huge slab of clay and removed and carved the basic shapes. Then it was important to carve out the repeating lines to give it movement and lots of places for the light to bounce around. The piece looks heavy but it weighs less than five pounds. The rich, dark color only enhances the play of light. A completely unexpected and playful piece.

Description: 14 x 6 inches (h x w) inches, clay with dark, indigo blue and opal sheen glazes. A hanging light for a standard small size bulb with a dark brown, three foot chain with on/off switch. Plug in ready but can be changed for ceiling installation that includes canopy. Chain color can be changed.


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Ceramic Color

Dark Brown, Light Brown, White